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Lauren Hutton Mineral Make-Up

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Lauren Hutton Mineral Make-Up

What's Wrong with Regular Makeup?

As we get older, our arteries narrow, blood flow to the skin's surface is not as vigorous and so we lose the "high color" of young skin. We look at ourselves and think we need makeup. But ordinary makeup - no matter how expensive - is too heavy. So it cakes in lines and exaggerates pores. It has much too much pigment. So we look painted and unnatural. It's filled with mica and pearl additives that act like beacons, calling attention to every little wrinkle and crease.

My Makeup is "Invisible" Makeup. The "You" Shines Through

This makeup is so light in texture, so delicate in color it's like a whisper. But it packs transformational powers. By applying just tiny brushstrokes in the right places with the right techniques, suddenly sallow skin, the tributaries of tiny wrinkles and deep expression lines, the freckles, red spots, droop of chin, puffy lids that betray age disappear!

Lauren Hutton's Mineral Makeup Kit Includes

  • Face Disc (containing 11 pots of makeup)
  • Lauren's 7-Best brushes with carrying case
  • Fold out instruction brochure
  • Face Disc Instruction DVD
  • Lauren's Lengthening Mascara

Plus FREE Bonus Items

  • Lauren's No Shine Tinted Moisturizer
  • Better Than Spice Lip Pencil
  • Lauren's Suck Ups Oil Blotting Paper
  • Quilted cosmetic carrying case

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