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Refresh your look!

Lauren Hutton Face Disc – It’s not half bad!

Yes i admit it – i watch those long infomercials, thinking do they really work? I dug down the back of the sofa for all my loose change and sent away for the Lauren Hutton Face Disk Kit from This kit combines all the tools and expertise you need to get the results of a professional make up artist!

The Complete Kit - well worth the cash!

With over four decades of modelling experience, beauty expert and actress Lauren Hutton brings her know-how directly to you. In her exclusive instructional DVD, which does look a bit homemade but is definately worth watching, you can learn her tricks of the trade as she shares her beauty secrets.

The face disc gives you everything you need to bring out your natural beauty. It also teaches you how and where to apply to enhance your best features. The makeup brushes are color coded to the make-up in the Face Disc, so you’ll always know which brush goes with which product.

This is no ordinary make-up set. It makes you look younger and transforms your complexion in minutes. Containing less pigment, fillers, shiny mica and glitter – for a purer finish – it is great for older skins. 30 Plus!

The Lauren Hutton Face Disc is sheer and lightweight, giving you an on-screen, flawless look. With the Face Disc you’re only a few simple steps away from radiant beauty.

Instructional fold-out brochure
DVD guide hosted by Lauren herself
7-Piece Professional Brush Set
Blotting Paper – 50 sheets
Weightless tinted moisturizer
Lip pencil, tint and balm
Makeup bag – black
Contouring shadow and light powder for nose and eyes
Wet and dry eyeliner
Eyebrow definition powder
Blusher and lip tint
Large magnifying mirror

TotallyGadget Rating – 4 1/2 Stars

The Good

Great Make up, tools and instructions. It is worth the money for the brushes alone!

The Bad

The DVD is a little amateur in it’s appearence but worth watching for all Lauren’s tricks of the trade!

The Ugly

You won’t be with this set!

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